In my 33 years as a freelance Medical Illustrator I have prepared artwork for leading medical publishers, for scientific papers, exhibitions, medical litigation and forensic cases, in conjunction with publishers, authors, art directors, expert witnesses and lawyers.

I have a particular interest in medico-legal and forensic work. In complex medical litigation cases I produce artwork for use in court, to help clarify anatomical details specific to a particular claim. I am registered as an expert adviser to a National Agency, through which I provide visual support to police constabularies particularly in complex murder cases. The very nature of the work requires me to meet strict deadlines and on occasions I am requested to appear as a witness to support my work.

I work mostly with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but combine my computer skills with hand drawn artwork to provide the client with the most appropriate style to meet their brief. Although I have a wealth of experience in most medical subjects, my particular strengths are in Paediatrics, Urology and Cardiology.