I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Science Illustration from the University of Georgia in 2016. Following University, I worked as a graphics consultant for litigation and created technical manuals for children’s safety equipment. In 2021, I received a certificate with distinction in the postgraduate Medical Art course, from the Medical Artists’ Education Trust in London. My professional experience has given me a practised eye in detailing and allowed me to work through numerous presentation and publication methods. Through study and collaborations with surgeons and researchers, I have trained in analysing anatomical forms, and observed different surgical techniques and styles of representing medical subjects. The style of my work is adapted to benefit the audience and ensure in-brand congruity.

I currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden, working as a freelance artist building dynamic and distinct pieces for a range of clients. I specialise in bespoke medical artwork and technical illustrations; working with experts in the medical field, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare marketing agencies, product engineers, and class-action litigation. I am experienced with 2D and 3D digital formats and can create still images, models, animations, or components for graphic design and publishing.


  • Postgraduate Diploma, Medical Art, MAET
  • BFT


  • MAA (Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain)