This award is open to all student and professional MAA members and offers the opportunity to acquire funding to further your career in medical art. The Award is open to MAA members on a 3 year cycle. The next round of applications will open in 2022, for the award in 2023.
Applications for funding can be made relating to:
Medical art projects
Travel to educational institutions overseas
Medical art related training courses

If you have a particular project in mind why not apply?

Download the application form and guidance notes here: Ronald Raven Award


Nominations for the award shall be sought from the Director of “The Raven Department of Education” of The Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Medical Artists’ Association. The selection of the candidate(s) to receive an award shall be carried out by a committee consisting of the Master, the Chairman of the Charity Committee and a Barber-Emeritus and one other (who shall be medically qualified) both selected by the Master. An award shall not be made if the selection committee is of the opinion that there is no candidate of sufficient quality. If no one is selected, then that amount will be carried forward.


To provide financial assistance for special training or educational projects proposed by undergraduate or post-graduate medical or surgical students or by members of the Medical Artists’ Association of GB. In making grants particular weight shall be given to the excellence of the applicant, the innovative qualities of the work to be done and the relevance of such work to the ultimate benefit of patient care.



Ronald Raven’s Executors will make available to the Barbers’ General Charities (Registered Number 265579) the sum of £50,000. The Company will invest this sum and devote the income (approximately £5,000 annually) to the financing of “The Ronald Raven Barbers’ Award”. The Worshipful Company of Barbers shall have unrestricted powers of investment with the intention of achieving as generous an income as is compatible with at least maintaining the real value of this bequest.

The amount of the award (which may be given to more than one person in any one year) will depend on the amount of accrued income available from time to time from the capital. The capital itself shall at no time be used to finance the annual awards. Normally the award to an individual will be for one academic year, but in special circumstances it may be given for a maximum of two years, subject to satisfactory reports at the end of the first year.


WINNERS 2017 – Joanna Butler, Francesca Corra, Caroline Erolin, Mandy Miller and Merlin Strangeway

Report from ‘MAA News – Autumn 2019’

Well done to Joanna Butler, Francesca Corra, Caroline Erolin, Mandy Miller and Merlin Strangeway for receiving the Ronald Raven Barbers’ Award this year. Three of the winners gave excellent presentations at the 70th Annual Conference on how they used their bursaries to enhance their learning in their own speciality. Merlin Strangeway not only graduated from the MAET with Distinction but also found time to apply for and win a Ronald Raven bursary. Her award gave her the chance to travel to John Hopkins University in the USA. She was accepted onto a course which helped her to initiate and then expand on her 3D / animation imaging skills. The course was full time, intense and incredibly complicated and as a result she started to examine the ageing brain.

Mandy Miller also won a bursary which allowed her to take a course that steered her work to a new direction. The Social Media and Digital Marketing is a successful course run by Tech Pixies for women looking to get back into work and allowed Mandy to expand her skill set and knowledge of social media on a deeper level. The course was run by Georgie Foster and involved a work placement, managing social media for a local company including planning and reporting which was proved to be an invaluable experience. As well as learning a lot about herself along the journey, Mandy can now help other Medical Artists with their social media skills, which benefits us all!

Congratulations to Joanna Butler (Culley) who has used her bursary for her PhD to help pay for the University of Surrey’s tuition fees. The PhD is of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) of the skin. Skin NTDs afflict millions of people a year, yet they are underfunded and do not attract the same attention as other prominent diseases, like malaria. Poignantly, skin NTDs like Buruli ulcer can be cured with early detection and a combination of antibiotics. But, if diagnosed late, the condition can lead to permanent disfigurement and disability. The purpose of the research is to discover the full potential for medical illustrations as discriminators for skin NTDs. It is the aim that the medical illustrations will be used by health workers in Ghana to help them correctly detect the diseases at a much earlier stage and improve the number of patients receiving treatment. A highlight of this research was that Joanna presented at the World Health Organisation Bi-annual conference on Buruli ulcer and other skin NTDs in 2019, whilst also gaining invaluable clinical feedback on the medical illustrations from delegates who were expert in NTDs. The research is expected to finish in 2025.