My name is Louise Hinman, freelance artist and medical artist based in Brighton, London and Barcelona. I have over 15 years of drawing, illustration and exhibition experience. I can produce work for medical and academic research projects, anatomical and/or conceptual commissions and am experienced at running workshops and producing visual scribes at public engagement events, meetings and conferences.
I am interested in combining the traditional aesthetics of medical art with modern techniques, technologies and innovation.
I believe drawing is a direct and effective tool by which an artist can communicate processes and understanding. I can master a wide variety of styles and can adapt to suit individual preference or a particular project. My skill set is broad and I have a particular interest and expertise in traditional line drawing, simplification complex procedures or anatomy for diverse audiences, data visualisation & information graphics, and the applications of 3D modelling.
For my dissertation, ‘The Growth of Prosthetics’, I researched an overview of the design, demand for, functional expectations and the methods of creating prostheses.


  • BA Hons Fine Art
  • MAET Medical Artist PG Cert


  • MAA (Medical Artists’ Association)
  • IMI (The Institute of Medical Illustrators)
  • AEIMES (Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques)