2015 MAA 66th Annual Conference

maa 2015 exeterIt was a real pleasure to attend this year’s MAA annual conference in Exeter this year. All the fellow students I spoke to expressed how amazed they were at such a range of interesting subjects covered by the speakers. Everybody found the workshops extremely inspirational and informative as well. As a first year student on the MAET course, it was quite an exotic experience to go away for the weekend and be surrounded by so many talented and interesting people. For me, the event clarified what it means to be working in the field of medical art. It opened my eyes to the range of fields, approaches and activities which could come under the medical art umbrella. I was really inspired by the enthusiasm of the speakers and the individuality of their work and working methods and approaches.

The programme and running of the event were seamlessly put together. There was just the right balance of work and relaxation. I personally really appreciated the fact that we had the opportunity to do some hands on drawing in the final workshop sessions. By that stage I was so full of inspiration that I had to let some creativity out!

Here are a couple of quotes from fellow students which show how much we all enjoyed the event.

First year student Julia Ruston says, ‘My first MAA conference has far exceeded all my expectations - every single talk was fascinating and I am bursting with inspiration. I can't quite decide whether I want to reach for oils, watercolour, wacom or a big lump of wax!’

Our latest recruit Merlin Evans says, 'Being the newest addition to the MAET (I start the course in October 2015), I was a little nervous about quite what to expect when I arrived at the conference in Exeter. I was immediately made to feel welcome. The whole weekend was very inspiring for me; seeing the depth and range of artistic practices each member was undertaking and the sheer level of skill out there. From Margot and Cat's ground breaking birthing models; to Richard's conservatory masterpiece, and Chris Mason's beautifully prepared presentation on histopathology.

I was note taking throughout the entire weekend, not wanting to miss a thing. I thought the mixture of hands on workshops on the Saturday afternoon, fused with the lectures in the morning was a great way to learn. Seeing Eleanor's unbelievable models, and her skill at hacking away that limewood block was perhaps a highlight of the conference for me. So too were Debbie and Philip's digital masterclasses. They were both so generous with their insider tips and tricks. Meeting other students already on the course put me at ease, and now I just wish it was October so I could get stuck in with learning. Thank you to all who organised such an interesting event, and to all who made me feel so welcome. Looking forward to Manchester 2016!’

We would like to thank the organisers and all the participants for making the weekend so inspiring. Everyone made us feel welcome and proud to be a part of an association full of such motivated and creative individuals. As Merlin says, ‘looking forward to Manchester 2016.’

Louise Hinman, MAET Student