As an Illustrator…I work in all areas, including the specialist areas of medical, veterinary and scientific illustration. Based in the UK, I am a Member of the Medical Artists’ Association and a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner. Having previously worked for over 25 years as a Registered Midwife and a Registered Nurse, both in the UK and overseas, I have experience in many aspects of health services around the world. Artwork ranges from simple line work to complex highly detailed illustrations. Artwork can be produced using a variety of media ranging from simple pen and ink or watercolour to multi-layered digital artwork using the Adobe Creative Suite; Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

As a Fine Artist…I produce artwork for exhibition and on commission. Figurative art and portraiture; produced using either traditional media or digital artwork, are a specialty. African wildlife and equestrian art are a passion. For information about my work as a Fine Artist please visit


  • MMAA, Registered Medical Illustrator


  • MAA (Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain)