I have worked for many years as a freelance medical artist following my training at Guy’s Hospital London.

My working experience covers all aspects of medical illustration including surgical, dental, anatomical illustration, and medical models.

The mediums I use are half-tone, black and white line, watercolour, mixed media and clay for anatomical models

prepared for casting.

I specialize in half tone illustrations as a preferred medium for surgery or anthropology.

I was the solo artist for the award winning publication ‘Developmental Juvenile Osteology’, authors Scheuer and Black, examples of these illustrations are shown on this website.

I have also illustrated surgical procedures for ‘Operative Surgery’, Rob and Smith and many of the current publications in that series.

My work is hand generated in the traditional mediums, but I do have the facility to convert illustrations into digital format if required.


  • FMAA, Registered Medical Illustrator